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CIVIEW is PC based control and navigation software for Civi-UAVs. The software is written in C++. It is specially designed to provide the UAV ground pilot with live data.

The software provides two display screens. One screen tracks the UAV in real time, on a moving map giving its position and heading as a graphic icon. The map is displayed in the center of the screen, with left and right columns dedicated to control panels. These panels provide control interface for UAV operations such as throttle, height and speed control. For in-flight mission modification, the pilot can change way points through mouse point and click on the map. All navigation information is also displayed on the left side panel.





The top screen displays live video from the piloting camera to assist during take-off and landing operations. The video is overlaid with essential operational parameters such as attitude, heading, air speed, height and vertical speed. Date and time along with positional information is also overlaid on the live video. The side panels on the video screen display aircraft operational and engine parameters through dial indicators.

Key Features

  • Mission planning with point and click feature
  • In-flight mission modification facility
  • Real Time tracking on moving map display
  • Full flight status display
  • Live video with overlaid data
  • Video and data recording feature
  • Post mission analysis facility
Salient Features
  • Live Video
  • Live Data Display
  • Dual Screen Display
  • High level operation control
  • In-flight mission modification
  • Internal Pilot landing & take-off assistance
  • Dial indicators for aircraft data display
  • Artificial Horizon overlay on Pilot camera