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Condor is a medium range unmanned aerial vehicle for civil applications in remote areas. The airframe is designed using latest design/simulation software. Non-metallic composite materials have been used for the fabrication of the air frame for high strength to weight ratio.

MUAV is operated from the Ground Communication Station (GCS). Condor is a versatile UAV system for Environmental Monitoring, Coastal & Ocean Observations, Wild Life Tracking & Monitoring, Forestry & Agriculture, Inspection & Monitoring, and Aerial Survey. It can carry various payloads for civil applications.

  • Operational range 200+ km
  • 8~10 hrs endurance
  • Maximum ceiling of 16,000 ft
  • Fully autonomous operation with auto navigation
  • Pre-planned survey capability with run time survey alteration included
  • Auto Take-off and Computer assisted internal landing 


Flight Performance           

Wing Span

8.0  m               26.0  ft

Max. Horizontal Speed

180 .0   km/h      100 .0   kt


6.0  m               19.6  ft

Cruise Speed                   

120.0    km/h      65.0      kt

Max. Take-off Weight

220.0  kg          485.0  lbs


5,000    m           16,000  ft

Max. Payload Weight

35.0 kg             77.0  lbs


8 ~10    hrs

Fuel Tank Capacity

95.0  liters

Operational Range

200+ km