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Optimus is a Close Range UAV is used for monitoring as well as search missions. The endurance of Close Range UAV is about 8 to 10 hours of flight within a radius of 50 km with both day and night flying capabilities, providing live video coverage.

Optimus UAV is useful in many kinds of situations in suburban and rural environments where access by ground is either difficult or dangerous such as Mangrove Eco Systems Monitoring, Wild Life Census & Tracking, Fire damage Assessment, Pest Control, Agriculture, Natural Disaster, and Media & Sports.

  • Close Range  (25 ~ 50 Km)
  • Long Endurance (8 ~10 Hours)
  • Day/Night Capable
  • Gyro-Stabilized Day/Night Payload
  • Portable Ground Control/Monitoring Station
  • Take-off/Landing by Internal Pilot
  • Optional Launcher Take-off and parachute recovery  



Flight Performance           

Wing Span

4.12  m            13.5  ft

Max. Horizontal Speed

100 .0   km/h     54.0   kt


3.00  m            10.0  ft

Cruise Speed                   

70.0      km/h     38.0   kt

Max. Take-off Weight

28.0  kg           61.8  lbs


3,000    m          10,000  ft

Max. Payload Weight

2.50  kg           5.5  lbs


8 ~10   hrs

Fuel Tank Capacity

14.5  liter

Operational Range

50+ km